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Grace Hopper 2014


Last week I attended the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing with a couple other women from Sift.

Index Slide

As part of this, I also gave a talk as part of the Data Sciences track about how Sift uses machine learning to fight fraud. I focused on how Sift works and many of the things we’ve learned in the three years we’ve been doing this.

GHC room

The room I presented in could seat 1080 attendees. I know because I counted. At 7:45am. (I had nothing to do until my talk which was at 10:15am… Why not count chairs so you can psyche yourself out more?!)

I don’t plan on turning this into a blog of deep thoughts, but GHC was amazing, and speaking was a blast. Though I was really nervous beforehand that I’d get questions I couldn’t answer, it turned that only one came up and my awesome co-worker saved me.

I hope I can make it next year!

Swift Hack

Swift Hack Trophy!

I’m the co-author of a (barely working) award winning iPad recipe app! (Hah. Literally true, but not really.)

Shamiq and I spent the day at GitHub for a Swift Hack Day, where we built a chocolate chip recipe app with the idea that referring to recipes while cooking/baking is often messy (mmmm buttered phone!). We called ourselves team “ElbowBook” since clearly if your hands are covered in butter, the best way of advancing to the next step is with your elbows!

Newb SQL Time

Because this is a blog for notes and I’m forgetful. Here’s some SQL things:

1. Connecting to a remote mySQL server over ssh: (source)
ssh -L 3306:localhost:3306

Now you can use MySQL Workbench instead of just a command line! woo!

2. Now, to import my CSVs… Make the database
create database testdb;

Then create the table… (After stealing Shamiq’s cleverness and using find-replace to steal the first line of the CSV and replace with varchar(255s…))
create table TableNameWoo (
column1 varchar(255),
column2 varchar(255),
column3 varchar(255));

Now that your table exists, import dat CSV~
LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '~/csvs/filename.csv'

mySQL then yelled at me: ERROR 1148 (42000): The used command is not allowed with this MySQL version

Google then revealed that I needed to start mysql with “–local-infile”, which worked! (Though I’m not sure why)ˇ

Now you have a table with your CSV in it! Woo. :D