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Photo A Day: Week 1 Recap

I started the week lazily — with an iPhone picture. I had tried to take some pictures of these pens with my DSLR, but the iPhone one was the best of the bunch.

A tokidoki unicorn sitting on my patio table. DSLR + prime lens.

A shot from dinner at Kusakabe. I tried using my DSLR here too, but the iPhone seems to outperform in dim light. Oh how technology has changed.

My newest pen arrived on the 3rd, and there’s a picture of it with my Starbucks planner — they match! Taken with my iPhone.

A photo of my team at lunch at Mourad. Turns out when you’ve set yourself a photo challenge, you bring your camera places.

I wasn’t ambitious enough to set myself goals around drawing or calligraphy, but I do still enjoy trying to do both. Taken with my iPhone.

Moogle inspecting the pool. I’m not sure why he does this… but it’s cute and he looks silly, like a monster may jump out to get him at any moment. DSLR + prime.

Summary: 3/7 – DSLR photos

Dinner Things

Things I made for dinner last night, using what my parents bought from Ranch 99 and the leftovers in the fridge.

Lobster noodles with vermicelli.

Roast duck fried rice. Apparently my camera decided to focus on the edges of the rice, so the center is out of focus. Shallow DOF ftl.

Moogle wasn’t for dinner, but he was certainly helpful in cleaning up the floor after dinner. Also, he really, really likes lobster. And duck. And rice.

This is why I get no work done…


This dog sits in the cube next to mine and it’s adorable! Unfortunately, since this dog started coming to work this week, my productivity has vastly declined and all I want to do is pet it.

Nerd Dog

Moogle being a nerddog

Moogle, a couple weeks ago, trying to sneak in some Reddit browsing while I stepped away from my computer.

Micro 4/3rds!


I got a new camera! An Olympus EPL-1, Micro 4/3rds. It was a “demo” camera off EBay (via Slickdeals) for $200 which I think is a pretty good deal. My beloved Nikon D7000 isn’t going anywhere, but often times it’s just too big and heavy to throw into my bag, especially if I’m carrying a laptop or two.

There’s a picture from the first bunch I took with the new camera today —