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Song of the Sea


I finished my Song of the Sea a couple days ago. I used a single ball of Cascade Sock Yarn (75% Merino Superwash and 25% Nylon) in Navy.

The pointy edges on the right side are from me aggressively blocking it. Perhaps I shouldn’tve done that… Overall though, I think it turned out very pretty and I’m happy with it. It’s going to be a Christmas gift soon!

Shelves & Tables

Sandpaper Galore

Shamiq and I are making a shelf for the entryway… Or really, Shamiq is making a shelf for the entry way and I’m trying to make a side table.

Brass Brush + Live Edge

I got a neat piece of sustainable wood from the Wood Bank in Berkeley a couple weeks ago, and today Shamiq filled a crack, sanded and I started sealing it.

Wine Crates

I also started my (side) project — a bedside table and a dog bed, both from wine crates. The crate on the left has been sealed, the one on the right hasn’t.

Orzhov Gloves!


I’m clearly more than a few days behind — but last night I finished up Shamiq’s kinda-late-non-denominational-holiday gift! Woo. Except now he plays burn.

The glove pattern is adapted from Fightin Words, which I followed to make myself a pair of gloves. My one (big) mistake is that the thumb seams aren’t contrasting — it’s white on both gloves. Oh well.

Watercolor Gift Labels


I’ve had a set of cheap water colors sitting around to use with my dip pen, but never really figured out how to do so… but after a couple more attempts, I figured it out.

Also it discovered that jabbing your brush in a green circle looks passably like a wreath!

(Yes, as always, behind at posting)

Tea Time

Tea Time

Last week I hosted a tea party! That’s what the cookies, meringues and cake stands were for.

Chive butter was also a huge hit in cucumber and tomato sandwiches. Cheddar and pickle was also a surprisingly good sandwich. Roast beef and foie gras sandwiches were also very popular, but no surprise there.

Flood Icing

Sugar Cookies

I discovered the idea of flood icing a couple days ago, so I gave it a shot. I think I did okay for a first time… Kindof?

Lessons learned:
– Get the squeezy bottles everyone mentions, ziplock bags are a pain
– Make a batch of royal icing and add small amounts (a tsp or two) for the flood version
– Drawing over the flood icing works with either normal or flood icing
– Icing dries fast, go one cookie at a time

DIY Cake stands

Cake stands!

I’ve wanted cake stands for a while, but I thought they seemed a little crazy to spend lotssss of money on one. SO, diy time!

I got the tops and bottoms at Michaels, depending on the size, the wooden circles are ~$1.99 to $11. I liked these versus more plain ones because the edges are beveled. The middles are from home depot, I think they’re meant to be table legs or cabinet legs. They were $6-8 each. I suspect that if I was more patient, one could probably find wooden candlesticks somewhere for less.

I’m not done painting yet — but with much guidance from Shamiq, I’m sanding, painting, sanding, painting then varnishing.

DIY Waffle Cooling Rack

DIY Waffle Stand

I find DIY bloggers, on average, pretty hilarious since so much content is recycled. BUT, today, here is a unique one of a kind super creative DIY idea: waffle cooling rack made of a paper plate, chopsticks and stirrers.

One of my wonderful coworkers made these this amazing and stylish waffle cooling rack to allow our Blueberry Mochi waffles to cool to a nice crisp. So fancy. (Also, now I have a picture of these very strange looking waffles… I promise they’re delicious!)