Monthly Archives: March 2012

Fluffy Monster!


I’m not sure what it says about your ability to maintain a lawn when your grass is taller than your dog is tall. Also, when you take pictures in the dark so they come out all blurry.


Or what it says about you, as a pet owner, when you try to teach your dog to stand on an exercise ball. It was a great use of my work time. Sadly, I failed. (And he was confused)

Making Banelings! (And Zerglings)

Last week I helped a friend make a plush baneling, which he took to MLG. That’s him up there, trying to learn to use a sewing machine. (I spose I should tell him I’m putting his picture on the internet…)

There’s the almost-finished baneling, his butt and legs still need to be attached.

Also, I did some work on my zergling — I sewed together the body and made a lot of small edits to my pattern. This zergling has less of a neck than the last one and is a little thinner (Marines are getting scarce?) It also turns out that legless zergling stumps are the perfect size for cuddling!

Above is the first step of making a zergling — cut out all the pieces! There are two pieces each for each of the four legs (There will be an additional two pieces per leg by the time I’m done, to account for the claw-bits of his legs) then one top piece (green, folded in half) and two bottom pieces (brown, stacked in that picture).

Icebox cakes/Lazy people cakes

I made two icebox cakes this weekend — one was a thank you to a friend’s parents for taking care of my dog, the other was for my own (and my roommate’s) piggery.


Layers (alternating) of graham crackers, whipped cream, more graham crackers, chocolate pudding & repeat. Let sit for half a day or so (longer than that, it gets soggy) and eat! The picture above was after it had sat and was ready for eating. Below is a picture right after I assembled it. It then went in the fridge for a few hours.


Notes for next time: More whipped cream! The cake wasn’t bad, but a little dry this time. Also, eat it right away since it’s way better when the graham crackers haven’t completely turned to mush. Yinmeng says it’s similar to a giant s’more.



I went to Boston last weekend to visit my little brother. There’s a view from the plane, complete with dust-induced flares and artifacts. I swear that’s not Photoshop.


We did the things we usually do… Eat too much (as evidenced by the menu… and his blurry hand that’s scribbling out our oyster order), bicker, play games. But! We also saw the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds orchestra. Of which, I have no pictures.

But most importantly… I ‘ling dropped his apartment. See Mr. Zerguhling (as named by my ultra-creative brother) below. He took me probably about 4-5 hours end to end to sew and I’ll be posting a not-very-detailed tutorial sometime soon. I’m in the process of making another one and I’m trying to document it.


hello world!

Here’s to yet another blog… which brings about all the usual questions — will I stick to it? Will I remember my password? Will I post for a couple days then decide that I’m far more interested in reading blogs than posting to one?

At any rate, here’s to new beginnings!