Monthly Archives: June 2012


True to form, I’ve stopped updating.

In the last few weeks I’ve gone through:

6lbs of mushrooms courtesy of my brother. They were made into mushroom consomme, mushroom risotto and multiple batches of scrambled eggs.

20lbs of loquats courtesy of some farm up in Brentwood. 20lbs of loquats for $40?! I’m sold. I made jam out of them, but haven’t eaten it. Mostly I’ve just been eating them.

30lbs of cherries, from the farm across the street from the loquat one. I made cherry chocolate biscuits (Boulevard cookbook, delicious.), cherry ice cream (minus the chocolate), cherry brownies (tastes weird) and things like cherry compote. No pies or jams though.

Also delicious, though not in great quantities, were blueberry mochi waffles. Take this batter and put it in a waffle maker. I used heat setting 3 for 4 minutes.

Next up tonight are Oreo-reeces and salted caramel brownies.

I’ll post pictures sometime. Maybe.