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Banana Pancakes

I found the original recipe somewhere on Pintrest as “omg paleo pancakes,” or some such title. The original recipe is 2 eggs, 1 banana. I found that concoction rather eggy, much like banana scrambled eggs.
So instead —

Banana Pancakes
1 ripe banana, well mashed
1 egg
1 teaspoon of flour
a pinch of baking powder (optional)

Mix everything, cook the pancakes at low heat. Low heat means the banana cooks more and caramelizes slightly.


Great use for mushy overripe bananas when you don’t have enough for banana bread.

Sutro Baths



We wanted to photograph Sutro Baths, thinking that a full moon would provide great lighting… Apparently not, if it’s overcast!


the menu!

jamon de cordero=cured lamb leg+green almonds+pickeled green strawberries

pebrots farcits=stuffed piquillos+lamb+currant+cumin+pine nuts

canalones=black trumpet mushrooms+spinach+engish peas+mint

fideua=toasted fideos+duck+wild nettles+olives+balsamico

tcho dark chocolate tart

I think of all the new restaurants I’ve tried lately, I enjoyed Duende the most. For example, the lamb ham wasn’t particularly interesting… But the flavor combination with the almonds and strawberries was unique. The canalones and fideua were both on the large size, portion-wise, but both delicious.

I can’t wait to come back. Actually, reviewing these pictures is making me super hungry. :< I guess I could drive up to Oakland now

Dinosaurs & Cacti

The cactus on my desk, when it was blooming.

Kids toys through the window. Not creepin’, I swear.