Monthly Archives: December 2013

Crochet Antlers


Chain 9, join into loop.
Double crochet off that in two rows (so now you’ve got a little stub…)

First Branch:
Chain 6, join to the loop three from where you started
Double crochet off that loop, outward, two rows
Close that off, then use a needle to pull it tight — yay one branch is done!

Tie the yarn back to the base and add two rows to the trunk
As you grow the trunk, all the dcs next to the branch, just loop through the trunk so they connect
It should take only the two rows to be as tall as the branch
Next row goes all the way around, 8 dcs

Second Branch:
Chain 6, join to the loop three away. Line it up with the first branch
Double crochet from that loop, outward, three rows
Close that off, pull it tight.

Tie the yarn back to the base, add two rows, same as earlier
Three more rows of dc, then close it off

Inside out them, to hide the knots. Stuff with stuffing.