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Dinner Things

Things I made for dinner last night, using what my parents bought from Ranch 99 and the leftovers in the fridge.

Lobster noodles with vermicelli.

Roast duck fried rice. Apparently my camera decided to focus on the edges of the rice, so the center is out of focus. Shallow DOF ftl.

Moogle wasn’t for dinner, but he was certainly helpful in cleaning up the floor after dinner. Also, he really, really likes lobster. And duck. And rice.

Nerd Dog

Moogle being a nerddog

Moogle, a couple weeks ago, trying to sneak in some Reddit browsing while I stepped away from my computer.

Fluffy Monster!


I’m not sure what it says about your ability to maintain a lawn when your grass is taller than your dog is tall. Also, when you take pictures in the dark so they come out all blurry.


Or what it says about you, as a pet owner, when you try to teach your dog to stand on an exercise ball. It was a great use of my work time. Sadly, I failed. (And he was confused)