Galapagos Part 4: Rabida + Santa Cruz

Arnold: i can only imagine if “On the Origin of Species” had been written by you instead of Darwin

“Fig 18: Variations in cuteness of bird butts correlated with cuteness of local flora”

In the morning — a hike around Rabida, followed by some snorkeling (pictures from that to come later…)

Rabida Beach
The view of our boat from the beach.

Galapagos Hawk
A Galapagos hawk in flight — it’s tagged!

Vermillion Fly Catcher
Fat bird with a red hat (vermillion fly catcher)

In the afternoon, we took a zodiac around Eden Inlet to look for sharks and rays. They’re pretty hard to see in the water.

Sea Cucumber Fishermen
Some fishermen (maybe sea cucumber?) hanging out.

Small unpuffed pufferfish

Supposed Shark
I swear this looked more like a shark in person…

Everything Rock
One stop animal rock — pelicans, sea lions, sally crabs & marine iguanas.