Making Banelings! (And Zerglings)

Last week I helped a friend make a plush baneling, which he took to MLG. That’s him up there, trying to learn to use a sewing machine. (I spose I should tell him I’m putting his picture on the internet…)

There’s the almost-finished baneling, his butt and legs still need to be attached.

Also, I did some work on my zergling — I sewed together the body and made a lot of small edits to my pattern. This zergling has less of a neck than the last one and is a little thinner (Marines are getting scarce?) It also turns out that legless zergling stumps are the perfect size for cuddling!

Above is the first step of making a zergling — cut out all the pieces! There are two pieces each for each of the four legs (There will be an additional two pieces per leg by the time I’m done, to account for the claw-bits of his legs) then one top piece (green, folded in half) and two bottom pieces (brown, stacked in that picture).