Buddha’s Hand


I’m not sure why this fruit is named Buddha’s Hand and not… lets say… Cthulu fruit or monster’s hand, but it is. It’s also delicious. I adopted this one from work, it was part of a display of avocados at the end of day on Friday and it was starting to feel a wee bit squishy, as citrus tends to as they enter old age. So this Buddha’s hand was adopted.


Then candied. Nom. The fruit is all skin and pith, no actual ‘flesh’ — but the pith, unlike most citrus, isn’t bitter. I cut up the whole fruit, cooked it in 2 cups sugar/2 cups water, then let it out to dry. It didn’t quite crystalize as I’d hoped, but it’s still a great candied citrus flavor. Additionally, the sugar syrup it was cooked in is delicious — slightly tart, mostly fruity citrus. I’m looking forward to mixing it with some soda water for some Buddha’s Hand sodas. I drink weird things.