Boulevard’s Lobster Paella

This weekend I made the lobster paella recipe out of the Boulevard cookbook.

Lobster Paella

The recipe has you cook the rice, lobster, shrimp and clams separately such that none are over or undercooked. The finished product was tasty, though the rice was almost overpowering and needed to be toned down by the lobster and shrimp (seems counter-intuitive). Additionally, the broth was more sweet than seafood flavored.

Things I’ll do differently next time (because, yes, there’s a next time):
– Use more shrimp, ideally with heads. Maybe skip all the lobster and just do shrimp
– Hoard lobster or crab shells ahead of time if possible
– Use less onion. Probably half an onion in the broth and half the leek (or maybe my leek was just too big). Also half an onion in the rice.
– Treat the clams and chorizo as a separate dish, though they made a delicious appetizer.
– Did differently this time: Didn’t cook the lobster tails in the broth until the last minute, or they’d be overcooked. Also, included the claws.

Lobster Tails

I forget how easy it is to make risotto. I should do it more often.