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Galapagos Part 5: La Galapaguera + Punta Pitt


Day 5, in the morning we took a zodiac, then bus ride to La Galapaguera, a breeding center/sanctuary for the island tortoise.


Here’s a tortoise egg. Marked with an X so that the folks who run the center can tell which side of the egg was up in the nest. (If you rotate the egg, apparently it dies)

San Cristobal

The view of San Cristobal when we arrived.

Sea Lion Stairs

The rare (not at all) sea lion. They’re everywhere.

In the afternoon, we went for a “less talk, more walk” hike at Punta Pitt. There was still lots of talking, but also scenery unlike anything else we’d seen so far.

The mountains!

We seemed to be hiking around a bunch of mountains.

Goats on the ridge line

We could see goats on the ridge line. Goats are an introduced species and the park is trying to eradicate them.

Climbing up!

Parts of the hike were a little steep… But not scary.

Blue footed Booby

There were a couple nests in the middle of the trail. These birds are fearless.

Its the ocean!

A view of the ocean at the edge of the island.

I thought this hike was the most “fun” of all the hikes we did. Not the most wildlife, but pretty awesome landscapes. The rock is super, super soft though. Not at all climbable.