Galapagos Part 6: Bahia Gardner + Punta Suarez

Day six! All on EspaƱola Island.
We did a 7:30 kayaking session where we got pretty close to some sea lions (they seemed to be playing with some of the other kayaks in our group), a sea turtle and some swimming (from rock to rock) marine iguanas.

In theory there’s a timelapse of this kayaking outing. I haven’t put it together yet though.

Afterward, we lazed around on the beach… (Bahia Gardner)
Sandy Sea Lion
There were a bunch of sea lions. Including this one that rolled itself in sand.

A lizard that apparently grew a new tail at some point.

White sand!
A beach?

Whale Skeleton
And a whale skeleton that had been left there. And, I assume, positioned.

I snorkeled out from the beach, and there weren’t many fish, but there was a family (one big one, two small ones) of stingrays. I swam awayyyyy when they seemed to notice me. (I didn’t wear flippers. I felt slow.)

In the afternoon, we did a “long” walk around Punta Suarez.

Marine Iguanas everywhere!
As soon as we got off the zodiac, there were marine iguanas everywhere.

A bird.
And a bird. I’m not sure what kind.

Cuddling Iguanas
The iguanas cuddle! (probably for warmth… but still)

A lava lizard hanging out on a rock.

The view? Lots of rocks. Spot the sea lions.

Beef stew rocks
Here are some rocks on the beach. The texture reminds me of beef stew meat. Right when it’s almost raggedy.

A Galapagos albatross! Also known as the waved albatross.

More albatross?
Another albatross. Their heads are such a rich creamy color.

Albatross dance
And they do a hilarious mating dance. They fence, then head bob, then fence some more.

More view. On the left side, our guide, Yvonne Torres.

Galapagos Hawk
A juvenile Galapagos hawk. SO ROUND.