Galapagos Day 7: El Manzanillo + Plaza Sur

We started out with a zodiac ride to Santa Cruz, then a bus ride to Rancho El Manzanillo. Which is a big plot of private land where tortoises can hang out.

The road we came in on.
Our bus had to stop a couple times to let tortoises cross the road. I imagine a road is easier to walk on than grass, even as a tortoise.

A tortoise! They make dinosaur noises if you startle them. (oops)

Red lake
There’s a lake/pond/body of water covered in a red and green water plant.

Tortoise in lake
And tortoises hang out in it.

And there’s a restaurant and some tortoise shells. Jonny is in one, for scale.

In the afternoon, a walk around Plaza Sur

Land iguana
The island had a lot of land iguanas. Like this one.

Land Iguana Spikes
They’re very colorful.

Sea lions. How do they get up there.
A sea lion. How do they get to these places?

Baby marine iguanas
And some baby marine iguanas that happened to be cuddling nearby.

Flomp! Naptime by the cliff.

The landscape
Plaza Sur’s landscape features a lot of cacti and succulents.

And we needed a Pokeflute. Sleeping mommy and baby sea lions blocked our path.