Disposable Film Fest

This weekend, Patrici and I attended a film making workshop as part of the Disposable Film Fest 2013. We watched a bunch of videos and had a group project! I expected the workshop to be much more quackery… but it was pretty fun. As usual though, I took more pictures than I did video. Surprise!

It was hosted by the Bold Italic at their office in San Francisco. Their lobby has a cool sign. Unfortunately, my lens was not wide enough to capture the whole “San Francisco.”

Our shoes, because we’re silly like that.

We got some Schulzies bread puddding after lunch. That stuff is delicious. We tasted some samples and settled on the caramel, with chocolate chips. I should work on making bread pudding…

After the workshop, I had time to kill and walked around the area and stumbled upon Smitten Icecream. Their blood orange and pistachio shortbread icecream was amazing. Their ice cream making gizmo is pretty neat too… but the liquid nitrogen smoke plus the glare of the happy afternoon sun makes for some pretty bad photos.

So here’s my icecream, as I hold it, standing in a corner. It’s a good thing San Francisco is far away or I’d eat more of this and end up ice cream-scoop shaped.