Lazy Bear

Inside the kitchennnnn.

I spent Saturday at Lazy Bear, volunteering/working for free. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

One of the first snacks — this was our “kitchen” plate. Thus the tape. Also, dim lighting is dim.

Another snack – uni & shrimp on a fried chip. I portioned out the uni… and the extras went into my stomach.

Avocado and something?
Another snack – avocado and I’m not sure what and toasted rice. I like avocado. (And whatever it was with, but I’m not sure what it was. Hah.)

Chilled Lettuce Soup
Chilled lettuce soup over fried squash

After pouring
After pouring.

Delicious delicious sweetfish. My favorite thing of the night. One piece was rolled up and steamed, one was fried. Both were delicious, and my picture doesn’t do it justice. Sadface for dim light.

Lobster Mushrooms
Lobster mushrooms, wax beans and duck. Lobster mushrooms are delicious. So are beans. Duck didn’t add anything, but was still tasty.

Chicken Yakitori
Chicken Yakitori. Gizzards, radishes, watermelon rind pickles. The pickles were delicious. Watermelon rind pickles are now on my “things to learn to make list.”

Black sausage
Tomato, black garlic sausage. I’m used to “black sausages” being blood sausages — but these weren’t. Delicious and wayyy less fatty than I expected.

Elk loin
Super soft elk loin, beans, peppercorns, elderberries and elderflowers. I ate it with a spoon. Well, some kind of violent spooning.

Berries! Malt custard, juniper. I ate way too much of that custard…

A picture of the pantry. Just cus.

I’d really like to dine at Lazy Bear one day — but a lot of me suspects volunteering is more fun (and just as tasty).

Some pictures were taken in the kitchen lighting — which was on the dim side. Some were taken in the little area that had been set up for photographing the dishes. Thus some are bright, some are grainier and darker. D: