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Breakfast at Camino

Poached eggs with black trumpet and king trumpet mushrooms, polenta and greens $12
I love polenta. I love mushrooms and I love greens, how could I go wrong?! (I didn’t.)

Stoneground oats with brown butter, maple syrup and almonds $7
I hate oatmeal, but this taught me that oatmeal drizzled in maple syrup and offset by the crunch of almonds isn’t half bad.

Sweet condiment plate: sheepsmilk ricotta, walnut butter, Barhi dates, and homemade Seville orange marmalade $6
Tasty things that go on tasty grilled bread. Nuff said.

Half a Dungeness crab grilled in the fireplace with grilled cauliflower and chile mayonnaise $16
Dad and I were puzzling about how you GRILL a crab without drying it out. Apparently the trick is to boil it in crab stock to parcook it, brush it with olive oil, then grill it. Magic! Fully cooked crab with a wonderful smokey aroma.

I love going to Camino for breakfast. Unlike Betty’s, they aren’t super-crowded super early. I can wander in at 10 or 10:30 and get seated easily. Second, it’s not your standard breakfast fare. Or at least, it doesn’t have to be. They do offer doughnuts, french toast and oatmeal, but also baked eggs, polenta and salads.

Boot and Shoe Service Brunch

I’ve wanted to try Boot and Shoe Service for a couple years now, but they don’t take reservations and I’m not that dedicated to my quest for pizza, so I never made it. This weekend, my parents wanted to pick up some kougin aman from Starter Bakery at the farmers market and we happened to park outside Boot and Shoe and I finally got to try it!

potato, trugole, black olives, rosemary & an egg........ 17

cotechino hash with a fried egg................................. 14

trippa alla milanese from the wood oven with cannellini beans,
croutons, grana, fried sage & an egg............................ 14

Each dish seemed a bit expensive, but ~$50 for brunch for three isn’t bad… and it was very filling and satisfying. The pizza was thin, chewy and the toppings interesting and flavorful. The hash was a bit potato heavy, but the pork sausage was tasty and caramelized in all the right ways. The tripe was tender, well seasoned and interesting with the addition of sage and croutons. Between the tripe here and the tripe at Corso, I think Italian-style-tomato-sauce tripe is next up on my things to learn how to cook. I’m not even sure what to Google though.