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Belly Burgers

Belly Burgers

Now that I’ve left the land of composed salads and everything-buffet, I’ve eaten something I’ve never tried before — a pork belly burger! It was quite tasty, though I felt like I was eating a less seasoned sausage. I also split a chicken burger, which was surprisingly juicy and flavorful — I wonder if it’s a mix of dark and white meat? Maybe with some skin or chicken fat thrown in?

Food at Sift is a combo of ordering in and catering. It’s proven to be quite tasty, and I think I’m eating less than I was at Google. Less choices means fewer piles of food! Not sure about healthier though.

Lers Ros

This last weekend, during one of our rushed Disposable Film Fest lunches, Patrici and I stumbled upon Lers Ros. I’ve read about it over and over, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Frankly, I thought it was disappointing. I can see why it gets rave reviews — everything is very well cooked, the beef is tender, the egg bits in the Pad See Ew aren’t over cooked… But the flavors were lacking. Perhaps it’s what we ordered, but I suspect not. I’ve had tastier Pad See Ew and Sauteed Beef (I forgot what they called it) in Berkeley, much less in Thailand. Disappointed. :(